Genre: Thriller 

Cast: Sacha Baron Cohen, Hadar Ratzon Rotem, Yael Eitan 

Where to watch: Netflix 

An exciting espionage drama featuring The Dictator fame Sacha Bara Cohen, Spy stands out for the superb performance of lead actor and its brilliant script and action-packed moments. This movie is a biopic of the famous Israeli spy Eliha Cohen who was hanged by Syria for his espionage activities. 

Sacha Bara Cohen at his best! 

Cohen nails the character of the spy Eli Cohen in this biased-adventure movie that takes us on a rollercoaster ride across different continents. Spy narrates how Cohen infiltrated the top brass of Syrian Army and government to leak valuable information to Israelis after being handpicked for this dangerous mission by the Mossad. He begins his journey pretending to be millionaire harboring political ambitions in Buenos Aires. His debonair lifestyle and zeal for Baath party win the trust of Colonel Amin-al Hafiz, who later becomes the President of Syria in a coup.  

Cohen infiltrates into Syria under the cover of a businessman, and soon becomes a big shot in political and military circles, even becoming an adviser to the Colonel. Meanwhile, he secretly leaks military secrets to Mossad, that helps the Israeli’s to thwart Syria’s plans. But he faces setbacks in his personal life when his wife accuses him of deserting her for the country. 

End of an espionage saga 

Cohen’s downfall begins when Syrian intelligence start investigations into a spy network in the capital and finally they trace him out and publicly hang him after lot of torture. 

Our verdict 

Spy stands out for the electrifying performance of Sacha, who nails the character of Eli Cohen. Indeed, it is a must watch spy thriller if you are a fan of period movies. But, this movie turns a blind eye to the human rights violations and aggressions committed by Israel against Arabs. Even, this movie unconsciously reveals the fact that Israel had taken advantage of the warm hospitality offered by its Arab neighbors since its controversial creation by the Colonial masters. Probably, that’s one grim fact that will haunt even the staunch Zionists throughout this thriller. 


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