Show: She

created and co-written by Imtiaz Ali 

Direction: Avinash Das & Arif Ali

Cast: Aaditi Pohankar, Vijay Varma

There is no dearth of female-oriented movies in Bollywood. But, the million-dollar question is if these so called, progressive shows actually bat for women empowerment or not. By presenting women in most cliched type roles, the makers of supposedly ‘progressive shows’ are actually trying to put roadblocks on the emancipation of women.

Netflix show, ‘She’ starring Aaditi Pohankar in the lead breaks away from this convention. Essaying the ambitious undercover cop Bhumika was indeed a role of a lifetime for young actor, Aaditi Pohankar. Aaditi Pohankar transforms this grim gangster drama into another level with her superb performance. It shows how Aaditi’s character, who is a victim of both sexual harassment and domestic abuse, braving all odds to emerge the winner.

She: An exciting crime drama

‘She’ begins with Bhumika and a male colleague being called into the Mumbai Crime Branch to probe the whereabouts of a dreaded narcotics kingpin. She reluctantly agrees to become a honeycomb to bust the gang. Soon, she meets with the young and passionate criminal, Sasya (Vijay Varma (Vijay Varma). Her sexual encounter with him abruptly comes to an end when the police team arrives at the hotel where he takes her. But, those brief moments ignite her dormant passions and fantasies and she becomes a ‘new woman’. Sasya soon reveals his love for her and the cops start using her as a bait to dig out his connections with the narcotics gang. The show progresses as Bhumika makes more inroads into the powerful inner circle of the gang by becoming the trusted consort and ally of Nayak, who runs the gang’s business in Mumbai.


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