Paatal Lok

Anushka Sharma has managed to decipher what the audience would love to watch and hence the result is this crisp, edge of the seat series – Paatal Lok. Superb writing, screenplay, and crisp dialogues, backed by powerful performances from Jaideep Alhawat and Neeraj Kabi, this series already won our hearts.

Paatal Lok – A gripping crime drama

A celebrity TV anchor is the target of a group of assassins. Why do they want to kill him? Who is behind it all? The case is handed over to a cynical and seasoned cop, and as he starts diggings, startling connections between the most unlikely people in the most unlikely places start popping up. Paatal Lok would come across to you as a crime thriller at first – something that all of us have seen numerous times. However, things soon escalate as layers start opening up in the investigation, leading to multiple story threads which keep the audience engaged. 

This series stitches up everything right by integrating the story into contemporary India and takes it to the next level. The story will lead you into darkness and it keeps on getting gloomy and murkier with every step you take, at one point it will make even the hardcore gore fans wince. 

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An incredible cast:

The winner of Paatal Lok is Jaideep Ahlawat, Neeraj Kabi, intelligent writing, and fast pace which keeps the viewer engrossed. If you haven’t watched Paatal Lok yet, we highly recommend you dig into it right away on Amazon Prime. 


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