For the last six months the constant urge of planning a vacation or ‘What’s the plan for the weekend?’ have really been into our last nerve. With the same action thrillers being in our lists, I guess all we want now is a bit of drama.

Here Masaba Gupta – Neena Gupta, the famous mother- daughter duo came with a bang, with their funny- witty – dramatic series ‘Masaba Masaba’. It is a fictionalised version of Neena and Masaba Gupta’s life where they take on their daily days, struggles, problems and even sometimes inferiority complexes. It also pointed out the truth that stars also have complexities and low points. From struggling to get a part in a movie to mending personal relationships around, this series was just like a chilled glass of fresh lemonade.

Best Moments to cherish from show

The credit for the main showstopper of this series goes to Neena Gupta and Masaba Gupta. Though in some places Neenaji took the limelight, but Masaba also performed very well in her acting debut. The sweetness of each scene portraying the mother-daughter love and how Neenaji struggled is where the reel and the real life become the same.

This Sonam Nair directorial with a script by Nandini Gupta and Anupama Ramchandran also offers good comic timing, flowy background music and quirky yet classy styling made it quite a time killer. Though the script could be better and in some places the story became blunt but there are several points that we all can relate to.

So, if you are bored waiting for Mirzapur 2, grab your bowl of popcorn and chill with ‘Masaba Masaba’.

Cast- Neena Gupta, Masaba Gupta, Neil Bhoopalam, Rytasha Rathore, Sunita Rajwar, Smaran Sahu

No. of episodes- 6

Streaming on- Netflix


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