Emilyin paris

Netflix’s ‘Emily in Paris’ is about a girl Emily Cooper who ends up in France for her marketing job where she grapples with French language. She tries above and beyond with her work and is determined to impress everyone who comes her way. With her creative and out of the box marketing ideas, she finally manages to gain the trust of her boss and even falls in love (read confused) with her neighbour.

Story line:

The 11 episodic series has a fresh touch of quirky charm, chick fashion, dreamy locations and delicious French food. In the series, Emily (Played by Lilly Collins) pulls every string to be acceptable in front of her French colleagues, who are least fond of her. In this process she met new people, bonded with them and even complicated with a few. Each episode got a creative idea of marketing and how she manages everything on her own.


Who doesn’t want to visit the dreamy Paris while we are sitting at home for the last seven months and cursing a country?

Shot in Paris, this series is fresh resplendent and glamorous with a pinch of ‘humour, clichés, chemistry and mistakes”.

Lilly Collins as Emily was appropriate, even the other cast members also owned their roles.

In one word, if you are bored and want to hear some cliché French words and watching some drama, then this show is for you.

Cast: Lilly Collins, Lucas Bravo, Camille Razat, Ashley Park, Philippine Leroy, Bruno Gouery

Director: Andrew Fleming, Peter Lauer, Zoe R Cessavetes


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