Jaahnavi Sriperambuduru needs no introduction to adventure enthusiasts. This Hyderabad mountaineer made headlines at the age of 12 when she became the youngest Asian to climb Mount Kilimanjaro (tallest peak in Africa). As the world watched her in awe, subsequently she conquered three tallest mountains of three continents, chasing her dream to become the youngest person to complete Seven Summits (climbing tallest peaks of seven continents)

FanKick spoke to Jaahnavi about her passion, challenges, and dreams in life!

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Posted by FanKick on Friday, May 15, 2020

Toughest climbs so far?

Every mountain has its own difficulties and has its own identity. I would say each peak has helped me discover my new strengths, helped me correct my mistakes and helped me to understand my weaknesses so that I worked on them for my next climb. The most challenging peaks were Mt. Denali, Mt. Everest and Mt. Aconcagua.

 On achieving Seven Summits

My dream was to complete the 7 summits before I turn 18 years. But due to lack of financial support and personal problems it is quite difficult to achieve that aim.

Now, it would be even more difficult because I lost my father who was my sole support. After my father’s death in 2019, I have attempted to climb the highest peak of South America Mt. Aconcagua. But I was unsuccessful due to bad weather. It is going to be very difficult to manage for the preparation for the expedition but I cannot leave my dream half accomplished as there are many people who still believe in me and it will be my tribute to my father because I was taught never to give up what I have started.

Inspiring people as a TedX speaker

All of us are self-motivated, capable of achieving the impossible. But people believe it when someone achieve it and tell them what it takes to do it. As a speaker it has been a great experience as I get to meet lot of people. All I get to hear back is  – ‘what were they doing at my age’? ‘If she can do something risking her life why can’t we do what we like’?

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Motivator in life

It was my father who is my biggest motivator. He died of lung cancer in 2019 after battling for 4 years. My father lived with cancer only by looking at his daughter working towards her dream, his only strength was his daughter for which he survived for so many years. My father played a major role in my life because he sacrificed his entire life even quitting his job as a doctor and worked tirelessly for me to be successful. My father is my HERO.

COVID-19 and preparations for mountaineering activity?

I am a class 12 student now and because of the pandemic outbreak it is quite difficult to plan for the rest of mountains this year. For me education is equally important as my passion, and I would not neglect my education at any cost. I might not go for any expedition further this year, but I am networking to get sponsor for the rest of the peaks because raising funds is more difficult than climbing a mountain.

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