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Cooking, playing, binge-watch, video calls, cleaning, home keeping and tik tok! Which among these activities helped you to keep yourself occupied during this loooonnngggg lockdown?

Well, you must have been browsing social media more often since this lockdown. You must believe that the sun is rising from Australia these days, not only rising, he is reliving the popular characters of Indian cinema. He is more active than you imagine, to the extent of moving his legs to the mass beats of ‘Butta Bomma’ song from a South Indian movie

Yes, you got the Sunriser whom I am talking about, David Warner! Initially he started his fun time doing high speed sprints with his little daughter, perhaps that did not give him the kick he was looking for. Then the cheeky in him woke up for the beats of Indian cinema, as he got a huge fan base in India, his dance steps became instant hit on social media.

David Warner was not alone; he introduced his family members as his dancing partners. Then he challenged  Kevin Pietersen and few other cricketers in his circle. He was so busy entertaining people across the globe, just as Kohli described Warner in a friendly discussion with Ashwin, “He is busy making TikTok videos. He has been after my life, he has been asking me to do one.”

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That’s all about David Warner, the most entertaining and celebrated sports star during this lockdown. Stay high until we introduce another sports star in FanKick Lockdown Stories.

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