How hard is it to spend a day without watching any live sports? If you ask any sports lover, high chances that they will keep their head down in disappointment. These are hard days for any sports affectionado. The reason? Suspension or cancellation of sporting activities across the globe due to Coronavirus. 

I remember reading a Facebook post by a well-known sports editor. He is worried about the absence of sporting events and the thought of how to fill up the pages with sports news.

For an active sports buff, it is equally hard to get on-field entertainment as most of the stadiums will remain closed at least a couple of weeks. In short, online games are the only undisrupted arena where you can lose yourself probably for hours!

But isnโ€™t it inhuman to insist on sport activities when human lives are at risk? A cricket lover who was excitedly following the Road Safety series where legends like Sachin and Lara bat again, I was disappointed with the timing of the virus attack. 

So does many IPL or UEFA Champions League or Olympic fans. But at this point of time, we are left with no choice but to admit that global health should be prioritized over sports. No fan would like to see their stars in trouble. So, amid all the noise, they would be able to console themselves. They wonโ€™t mind waking up on a Sunday morning without the India-South Africa clash or spending the night missing the EPL matches. 

So, like a well-behaving sports player, letโ€™s wait for the time when the world is ready. 

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