COVID- 19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill since March with sporting events coming to a standstill. Sporting world rarely gets a break as major events take place throughout the year around the world. But circumstances have changed now. It has been quite some time that major sporting events have started taking place in empty stadiums. The players and teams are under fully bio-secure environments with all the tests done. The experience of watching sports as passionate follower has never been so different.

Excitement of a sports fan

As a sports fan, people are excited that sporting world is returning to action after a long halt. All of us have been watching videos of old matches for quite a while. Watching old matches is a fun experience but somewhere down the line, we miss the excitement and the adrenaline rush we used to feel when there used to be an intense battle between teams to win a match. The suspense we felt at the finishing stages of a contest is being deeply missed. The experience of watching a cricket or football clash in a stadium filled with thousands of people is an experience everyone should experience at least once in their busy lives.

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Empty crowds

Earlier players used to get the cheer and support by the spectators. They felt the need to perform and win. Although the matches now depend mostly on broadcasting, the players would definitely be missing the crowd cheer. It will be a bit difficult for teams and franchises to cop up with the loss they are going to face by not being able to sell tickets.

There were challenges and hurdles for the sporting world in the time of Corona. As sports fans, coming back of sports with some of the major events is hands down worth the wait.

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