After serving 32 days in prison, Brazilian football legend Ronaldinho has been placed under house arrest due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The Brazilian great is serving a six-month sentence over the issue of fake passport.

He paid a bond 1.3 million Euro after he and his brother were charged in the case. Ronaldinho was serving his sentence at Asuncion prison after a Paraguayan court refused his bail plea. He had also made a request to put him under house arrest but to no avail.

However, the 2002 World Cup winner affirmed that he went to Asuncion for business purpose.

“The documents were offered by a Brazilian businessman, Wilmondes Sousa Liria in the form of a gift,” he informed the court. The businessman is also serving a jail term. Ronaldinho’s passport was seized in 2018 after a lawsuit was filed against him over environmental crimes.


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