Lionel Messi

The Lionel Messi – Barcelona relationship dates to the year 2000 when he first joined the club as a thirteen-year-old kid. Born and brought up in Argentina, Messi relocated to Spain to join the club.  

He played his debut match for Barcelona aged 17 in 2004 and soon became the integral part of the team by rising quickly through the club’s ranks. As years passed, Barcelona found its greatest player and he has taken the responsibility of carrying the team on his shoulder since then. 

20 years with Barcelona 

Coming to this day, it’s been a long and successful journey for Messi and he is now considered one of the best soccer players in the world. He has appeared for a total of 480 matches for Barcelona and has scored 441 goals. He is now aged 33 and is at the peak of his career. There always has been speculations that Messi wants to leave the club, but they eventually get shut. 

However, this time we know that Messi’s contract with Barcelona ends in 2021 and changing the club is now more possible than ever. According to media reports, he has stopped all negotiations for the renewal of his contract with the club. This is understandable because since a long time now Messi has been feeling the burden of carrying the club on his shoulder. The burden became heavier when star player Neymar Jr. was transferred to Paris Saint German FC back in 2017 for a whopping 222 Euros. 

Differences with the Board 

It has also been reported by various outlets that Messi is unhappy with the club’s board for their mismanagement and this is the reason may be why he finally lost his patience. One other thing to notice is the player management of the club. Most of the players in the senior team are well above the age of 30 and they do not have a long career in front of them. So, the team needs to be future ready which is not the case anymore.  

Lionel Messi alongside Ronaldo 

Football fans around the globe have a hope that they would get to see the two of the greatest players of all time i.e. Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo playing alongside for a single club However there are very smalls of this becoming reality, it would be a treat for everyone if Juventus manages to cracks a deal.

Whether Messi stays or leaves it can be only clear when his contract ends but in either cases if he choses to change the club, it would be exciting to see the legend Lionel Messi playing for another club after giving his entire career till now to Barca. On the other hand it would be a very sweet and respectful climax if Messi choses to stay and decides to end his career by becoming a player who played only for the single club. 


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