India Cricket Team ICC 2019
Players Marks Performance Expert Say
Rohit Sharma 9.5/10
  • 9 Innings
  • 648 Runs
  • 5 Centuries
  • 1 Half Century
With 5 centuries and a half century, Rohit Sharma played his dream tournament. If not for that last
knock in Semis, he is 10/10
Virat Kohli 7/10
  • 9 Innings
  • 443 Runs
  • 5 Half Centuries
With Rohit leading the scoreboard, Virat Kohli played an anchor role in all the matches. It would’ve
been better if he turned up in the absence Rohit’s charm. If you ask about captaincy, I would say
good treating semis as an exception.
MS Dhoni 7/10
  • 8 Innings
  • 273 Runs
  • 2 Half Centuries
Though people criticize him for his slow paced innings, he was a valuable contribution to the team
behind the stumps. Couldn’t turn the games as he used to turn in the past, we wish him good luck.
Jasprit Bumrah 9/10
  • 9 Matches
  • 18 Wickets
  • Economy 4.42
Whenever Kohli & Team wants him to strike, he did. He did not allow opposite teams to build long
partnerships, that special thing really worked great for India.
M Shami 8/10
  • 4 Matches
  • 14 Wickets
  • Economy 5.49
Though there was a huge competition between Shami & Bhuvi, both the bowlers turned up very strong
whenever they get an opportunity.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar 8/10
  • 6 Matches
  • 10 Wickets
  • Economy 5.21
If Shami proved himself as a wicket-taker, Bhuvi was decent with his economy rate and did really
well in death overs.
Kuldeep Yadav 5/10
  • 7 Matches
  • 6 Wickets
  • Economy 5.03
I would rate Kuldeep’s performance as ‘bits and pieces’. Though you mostly find pace-dominated
pitches in England, there was a scope to perform much better as a prime spinner of the team.
Yuzvendra Chahal 6/10
  • 8 Matches
  • 12 Wickets
  • Economy 5.97
Same applies to Yuzvendra Chahal, but I would ask him to work on his economy rate. He conceded 50+
runs in most of the matches, should work on tight length.
Rishabh Pant 6/10
  • 4 Innings
  • 116 Runs
Rishabh Pant showed some really good intent in couple of matches. He is young, he must work hard to
fill the vacuum left by MS Dhoni. And mind, should not throw his wicket JUST LIKE THAT!
Dinesh Karthik 4/10
  • 2 Innings
  • 14 Runs
Dinesh Karthik had to play the role of a complete batsman, in which he utterly failed. He would’ve
been performed MUCH MUCH BETTER!
Ravindra Jadeja 8/10
  • 1 Innings
  • 77 Runs
  • 2 Matches
  • 2 Wickets
  • Economy 3.70
Though he was not in playing 11, he scored 20 – 30 runs in every match as a substitute fielder. And
when he got an opportunity to play, he delivered some exceptional performances as a bowler, fielder
and BATSMAN! Should appreciate his heroics in semis against NZ.
KL Rahul 6.5/10
  • 9 Innings
  • 361 Runs
  • 1 Century
  • 2 Half Centuries
Had to open the innings with Rohit Sharma after the exit of Shikhar Dhawan. He tried hard to build long partnerships, but he must work on his confidence. He was not free throughout the tournament and failed to take responsibility in the absence of Rohit Sharma.
Hardik Pandya 6.5/10
  • 9 Innings
  • 221 Runs
  • 9 Matches
  • 10 Wickets
  • Economy 5.66
Hardik Pandya has always been a valuable contribution to the team. He played multiple roles as a 5th bowler, exceptional fielder and pinch hitter. He did his job, but expected some crackers from his which he couldn’t deliver.
Kedar Jadhav 3/10
  • 5 Innings
  • 80 Runs
  • 1 Half Century
Kedar Jadhav wasted one of the greatest opportunities of his life. Probably played the role of a burden to the team along with Dinesh Karthik.


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