Tokyo olympics 2020

In the history of the Olympics, there were only two occasions when the greatest sporting event on the earth got cancelled; during World War I and II. Even the deadly Influenza Flu in the 60s and the Asian Flu in 1950 couldn’t stop the games. But the latest pandemic Coronavirus, which has affected over 1 lakh people across the globe is now threatening the 2020 Olympics.

The Covid-19 outbreak already caused the cancellation of several sports like Football, Tennis, Basketball, Cricket, etc.

Last week, the Tokyo Olympics Association made it clear that it would be unthinkable to stop the Games as it is nearly impossible. But health experts say that it would be a miracle for the Olympics to happen.

Amidst all this, many international Olympic committees are proposing the Tokyo Olympic Committee to postpone the games for the best of all. 

Unfortunate crisis

Terming the present crisis as unfortunate,  Alejandro Blanco, Olympic committee president of Spain said that it would result in a fiasco as the participants wouldn’t get time for training.

Will the Olympics be able to ward off the dangers posed by Corona and go as planned or will Corona be the next big thing in Olympic history after the Great Wars? Only time will tell.


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