Most sports personalities make an income by playing while a few of them changed paths due to reasons best known for them. Who are the ones we are talking about? Read along. 

Joginder Sharma 

The International Cricket Council, in a Facebook post has congratulated Indian cricketer Joginder Sharma, now a police officer in Hisar for his efforts in dealing with Coronavirus. Netizens too joined ICC in praising the former Indian bowler, popular for his last over in the 2007 T20 World Cup final against Pakistan.  

The Indian cricketer landed in a government job for his sporting accomplishments. He is patrolling the streets to tell people to stay indoors during the national lock-down. 

He said the pandemic is indeed a huge challenge now, but it cannot deter him from performing his duty. 

Andrew Flintoff 

He is one of England’s finest all-rounders. After retirement, Flintoff didn’t take up a coaching career and instead joined professional boxing. He beat US star Richard Dawson in his professional debut.  

Kamran Khan 

Not every journey has a happy ending. Once touted as new sensation in IPL, Rajasthan Royals pacer Kamran Khan lost his way due to injuries and after comeback he was not as threatening as he would love to. At present, he is working with his brother in the fields. Quite a story, isn’t it? 

Mary Kom 

Magnificent Mary, the former world No 1 boxer was promoted to the rank of DSP in 2012 before becoming a Rajya Sabha MP recently. Mary created a controversy when she attended the breakfast party hosted by the Indian President when she was undergoing self-quarantine.  

Arshad Khan 

Arshad Khan is a former Pakistan cricketer who lost his way when Saeed Ajmal broke into the national side. At present, he is working as a cab driver in Australia.  


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