Adeep Mohammed

Adeep Mohammed from Kerala is all set to make big at the International level. Meet this dreamy-eyed 20-year-old who dreams about winning a medal at Olympics

What was the debut moment of your career?  

• At the age of 3, I began my sports career.I was facing so many health problems and one of our family doctors had advised me to participate in sports. As per his direction, my father took me to a near-by martial arts Club. My sports journey began from there.

Your favorite sports?   

• Rather than my own sport Taekwondo, I’m very interested in football. My father was a good football player in his college days.

Your favorite sports personality?

• I’m a big fan of Jordanian Taekwondo athlete, Ahmed Abhughaush. He is an Olympic gold medalist in the Rio Olympics. I’m a big fan of Lionel Messi too. He is one of my most admired football players.

Early struggles in career?

• I had faced many injuries throughout my career. But I refused to give up. I took those pains to bring more glories to my game. I worked very hard, as I’m not from a well-off family, I too faced many financial problems. I dropped many of my games because of lack of financial support. A lot of money is needed to participate at the International level. As my family couldn’t raise muchfunds, I used to drop off many events.

Your biggest motivators in career?

• My greatest supporter and my mentor is my father. He is the backbone behind all my victories. He pushed me up from many hard situations in life.

Biggest achievement so far?

• Biggest achievement in my sports career was when I represented India in two international events, including the Fujairah Open. I also bagged one gold medal, 2 silver medals and 3 bronze medals at the national championships. I also received a bronze medal in the All-India University championship.

How did you spend time in lockdown?

• I recently participatedat the State championship on 28th February 2021. In my own opinion, I had partially improved my game. During those lockdown days I had done my best in my workout. Those days helped me to improve my strength and fitness.

Biggest dream?

• As I’m now selected to Indian Army Services Taekwondo team, I’m working very hard. I need to earn more medals for India. My dream is to hoist the tri-colour in the 2024 Tokyo Olympics.

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