It was a tragic bike accident that caused Prasanna Kumar to lose one of his legs. But, the 27-year-old didn’t allow that incident to mar his life. Nothing would stop the fighter from achieving his goals, as he resumed life’s journey with a smile and a prosthetic leg.

Fan9 brings this multi-faceted personality, who wears many hats. Excerpts from Fan9’s interview with this inspiring youth:

Hi Prasanna, tell us more about you?

I am Aliga Prasanna Kumar. I am a photographer, blade-runner, marathon runner, biker, horse rider & actor.

Your favorite sports?

I am a die-hard cricket fan.

Favorite sports star or legend?

My favorite sports star is Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

How you fought and finally overcame challenges to emerge the champion?

I am a right leg below-knee amputee, I lost my leg in an accident. I still can’t forget the day I took my first steps after the accident. It was like I was reborn. Passion for biking couldn’t stop me, as even after the accident, I was riding my Royal Enfield. One day, on my way to gym someone took my picture and posted it on internet that went viral. Later I joined a bikers’ club and from there it all started.

Biggest achievements so far?

I have travelled solo in many challenging terrains. Once for 8 days, I rode 3,500km. A solo drive under -12 degrees and another drive to Nepal under -20 degree are some memorable adventures. I also entered India Book of Records, High Range Book of World Records and Wonder Book of Records.

Who was your mentor/motivator in life?

People who are elder to me are my mentors. M.S Dhoni is a cricketer, yet he had a passion for bikes, like that being a photographer, my passion for biking couldn’t stop me.

Biggest leap moment in life?

When I did my 1st marathon on my prosthetic leg, I completed my 5 km run and I was bleeding. Later when I finished the run, my heart felt so proud. Initially, I thought I can’t run again in life, but I ran 5km that day and never looked back again!

What are your future plans?

In future, I want to do many adventures like sky diving, bungee jump, etc. My biggest dream is to ride across countries on bike.

What is your message to youth?

Don’t get depressed, chase your dreams!

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