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Fan9 presents promising young athlete Chandra Prasad, who bagged Gold recently at the National Javelin Championship. Here are excerpts from our interview:

Greetings from Fan9. A few words about yourself?

Hi, I am Chandra Prasad B. I am doing my Advance Diploma in Sports Business (ADSB) at SMRI, Ernakulam, Kerala. I am an athlete, and I am passionate about Javeline throw.

What was the debut moment of your career?

Well, I never thought that I will reach up to Nationals. With all my hard work and motivation, I reached this stage. I had gone through lot of struggle to reach this height.

What is your favorite sports?

My favorite sport is cricket and am skilled in Athletics.

Favorite sports star?

Jan Zelezny, popular javelin thrower & Olympic champion.

Early struggles in career & life:

First of all, I never thought that I would become an athlete, it actually started during my school days. When I was in 10th, I attended a district level athletic championship and won gold in javelin throw. For the first time, I realized my talent and then started my coaching and then won several district & state javelin championships. Unfortunately, I had a knee injury and had to undergo a knee surgery and finally came back to sports. I resumed coaching and attended a national javelin championship and won gold.


My 3 big motivators are my closest buddy, my girl-friend & my coach.

Leap moment in his career:

My biggest leap was in 2016 when I started with my district championship and it fell through.

Any major upcoming game/match you want to see

I want to watch the Tokyo Olympics.

Future career plans?

I want to win more national championships, participate in Asian athletic championships and want to become an international athlete.

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