Smitten by the travel bug, Pruthu Mehta has been criss-crossing forbidden territories for a while. From the treacherous tracks of world’s highest motorable road, Umlingla, at a height of 19,300 ft in Ladakh to riding under 56 degree Celsius in the blazing Dhar and roaming the deserted villages along the India-Pak border to the emerald route of Konkan, his passion had carried him along.

For this veteran Hyderabadi biker, riding is a passion and quest for self-discovery. In an exclusive chat with Fan9, Pruthu shares his passion for bikes and travel. Read on:

Your motivation for adventure riding?

The uncertainty of life. And the will to explore all that the world has to offer.

What age did you began biking and what was your first memorable drive?

It was at the age of 16. My first ride was on a Yamaha RD 350 in 1996. Memory is still as fresh as yesterday. It was from Hyderabad to Bombay.

Your toughest drive so far

Winter Ladakh ride. One week of exploring these beautiful valleys under -25 degrees temperature was the most challenging one for me.

How many kms have you travelled so far?

Oh.! That’s an easy one because you remember every mile when it’s filled with memories that can last a lifetime. 2 lakh km on bike riding and 1 lakh km driving with friends and family.

You don’t look for winning awards. Why?

Never thought that was a reason to ride. Is it?

What is your message to youth?

Explore the world. Don’t stop planning for it.

What qualities are needed for a biker?

Respect other travellers on the road. Be patient and persistent and ready to face whatever the road throws at you.

What is future for adventure sports in India in future

The future is very bright. We are still at nascent stage. We have just started exploring the true motorsport and leisure riding. We have much more to come!

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