Priyanka NK

When she sings, we see an infectious smile on her face. It soon transcends to the audience as well. What makes Priyanka NK, a soft-spoken 23-year-old from Chennai, a special talent? The easiness with which she sings makes us melt into the song. She is the one who sings with emotion and passion. Priyanka’s rendition of Chinna Chinna Vaanakkuyil, a timeless classic from Mounaragam is one such special song. It goes without saying that wherever Priyanka goes, the audience wants her to sing this first. 

Road to Fame

Born to Kanchana and Nallathampi, little Priyanka learnt the nuances from her parents before learning classical music. The young singer rose to fame after reaching the semifinal of Super Singer Junior before winning the Vijay TV Favorite Female Singer in 2017. Since then, she collaborated with big names including AR Rahman and Ilayaraja.  

In a recent interview, Priyanka admitted that she wasn’t content with what she has at the moment. “Singing has been my dream. I want to sing as many songs as possible. I want to improve as much as possible. I am happy about what I achieved. But I can’t sit idle and take everything for granted. The love that the audience is giving me, I got to pay back by singing well.” She completed her BDS Degree from Chettinadu Dental College. She admits that it is tough to manage studies and singing. 

Magical voice

Priyanka’s voice has a certain pristineness, something which the judges acknowledge in reality show days. She does not over improvise, sticks to the root of the song, and renders with a lot of heart. These are early days in her career. But it goes without saying that she has hit the right notes. As she puts it, she is singing from the soul!  


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