Jallikattu is a cinematic marvel by Malayalam director Lijo Jose Pellissery

Jallikattu directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery lives up to the expectations of audience. This experimental film challenges our sensibilities and narrates an unusual story; a sleepy Kerala village is thrown into chaos when a butcher’s (Chemban Vinod) buffalo escapes from the slaughterhouse. The butcher seeks the help of other villagers to capture it. Amid much tension and fear, the entire village is caught up in a never-ending frenzy over capturing the free-roaming beast.

This movie is a realistic take on masculinity and social tensions.  

Known for his earlier films like Angamaly Diaries and Ee. Ma. Yau…, Lijo Jose once again proved his mastery over the craft with Jallikattu. Chemban Vinod, Antony Varghese, Sabumon Abdusamad and Santhy Balachandran have delivered incredible performances in this artistic marvel.

Premiered at the 44th Toronto International Film Festival, Jallikattu deserves special mention for editing, direction, sound designing and above all superb story telling.

This is a must-watch for all movie buffs who love socially relevant films.


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