Darbar Review

Giving unbound joy to his fans, Thalaivar Rajinikanth has delivered another mesmerizing performance to make his cop drama ‘Darbar’ a memorable watch. Despite having many drawbacks in direction, script and music, Rajinikath’s stunning performance as the bad cop Aaditya Arunasalam alone manages to impress his fans. Naturally, this movie is Rajini’s New Year treat to his die-hard fans, and they are likely to remain indebted to him for this ‘priceless’ treat. 

Darbar is important for the actor too, as it marks Rajini donning a cop role after more than two decades since Pandyan (1992). Just like in his last blockbuster, Petta, Rajini is back comfortably playing his natural side as the ultimate and charming performer that he is. He once again reinforced his stardom by transforming all the weaknesses into strength with this movie that unfortunately lacked a coherent storyline or good direction.

Plot: Darbar comes with a long flashback which is unusual for Tamil films. It describes the turn of events, that pits Rajini against the ruthless don of Mumbai, played by Hari Chopra (Suniel Shetty). Arunasalam’s effort to save the city from the clutches of drug cartel forces the dreaded mafia kingpin, Chopra to come out and challenge his rival for a face-off. What follows next is a classic chase full of adventures and surprises. The end is quite predictable as the bad cop saves the city, but at a heavy price.

Rajini’s brief romance with the heroine, Nayanthara fails to produce any emotional vibes and her character is just wasted. Nivetha Thomas, who plays the role of Rajini’s daughter amazes audience with her subtle acting. But unfortunately, this movie fails to dwell much on the father-daughter relationship.

Our verdict: Darbar will satisfy all Rajini fans, who are looking for instant gratification. This film is a good watch if you don’t want to miss an incredible performance by your favorite matinee idol.


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