We know Tennis and Cinema are two different elements to throw on a balance and compare, but we couldn’t resist observing a similar pattern between the two gentlemen of the topic, Roger Federer and Akkineni Nagarjuna. Nagarjuna’s latest film Manmadhudu 2 is hitting theatres this Friday. And looking at all the promos of the movie, we had to undergo a contemplating yet fruitful session at FanKick to talk about the similarities between Federer and Nagarjuna and why he chose Manmadhudu 2.

2016. July 10th. Wimbledon Semifinals. After a brilliant comeback against Marin Cilic in the quarters two days earlier, Roger Federer was playing Milos Raonic. The Canadian was on fire. With his aces, returns, everything. Federer had no answers. During a point in the match, he tried to reach a passing shot hit by Raonic and fell to his knees. With his face in the coveted grass of Wimbledon center court, he was in the position for a very long and awkward period of 5 seconds. He almost looked like a rookie. A 17-time Grand Slam-winning loser. That image will stay in the memories of tennis fans forever. And eventually, he ended up losing the match.

Cut to 6 months later, Federer started winning everything he came across. By 2018, he added 3 more Grand slams to his count and cemented his legacy a bit stronger. Won 11 ATP Masters titles. Defeated his arch enemy Rafael Nadal 6 times out of 7.

But what changed?

One day, amidst all this, when someone stopped him during this high tide and asked how is he doing all this, he replied with a smile, “I’m not playing to win. I’m here to just have fun. And learn something new from all these youngsters.”

In a recent interview with a channel, Nagarjuna spoke similar words. “I’ve always wanted to seek something new. It’s been in my grain.”

Nagarjuna, like the way Roger Federer chooses his tournaments, has been choosing his movies wisely lately. He has been a picky actor and he’s not caring about the results at all. This formula worked well for the tennis legend. What about Nagarjuna?

Well, after a rough patch of 2012-13 during Greeku Veerudu and Bhai, it has been an easy ride for the King. Almost all of his films since then have done well at the BO, except for Om Namo Venkatesaya and an old-time-sake outing with RGV in the name of Officer.

And now he is coming back with yet another romantic comedy. Rom-com used to be his strongest fort during those days. But is he still relevant in the genre? Among all the youngsters?

Well, Nag would say “It doesn’t matter”. When an interviewer asked him how he manages to stay relevant with the young bunch in the industry, he claimed that he is a youngster too. When Roger was asked a similar question a few months back, his answer was almost the same. “It doesn’t matter if I win or not, I feel young and as long as I enjoy my game and stay healthy, I’m the winner.”

Those are two striking similarities we observed between the two. And based on the results they have been getting and the ability of the duo to enjoy, experiment, and stay relevant, we believe that Nagarjuna is indeed the Roger Federer of Telugu cinema.

What are your thoughts? Share your views on the discussion. And as Manmadhudu 2 is releasing this weekend, FanKick is conducting a movie contest on the film. Make sure you participate in the contest, have fun, and win movie vouchers.


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