Don’t think about the movie. Just feel it – Christopher Nolan

5 reasons why you should watch Tenet

1. It is original and authentic

The best part of Nolan’s films is that they are original and endearing cinematic marvels. Tenet is crisp, sharp, true and heart touching. It is among the few originals that we are going to witness in 2020 and in the near future.

2. The sound and VFX

Tenet has got Ludwig Goransson, who has created Creed, Black Panther and Venom. It was the first time Nolan worked with anyone other than Hans Zimmer. The music has come out really fantastic. Talking about the VFX, they are lovely and at no point of time you are goingto feel like this isn’t true. It seems so real. Be it the exploding of plane, and all the time travel scenes. OMG.

3. The cast and crew

They all are simply amazing. Everyone justified their roles like a pro. John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Kenneth Branagh, Aaron Taylor, Johnson and others. A big hands up for the crew for adding their blood and sweat to the film to make it awesome.

4. The theme

Time travelling has always been an exciting concept in Hollywood. The amazing theme of time travelling and saving the world from World war III is superb, the script is amazing and original.

5. Nolan Factor

The most obvious reason to watch the movie is because it is created by none other than Christopher Nolan.

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