A half-baked khichdi of 3 Idiots and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Everyone loves their college life; arguably the best years of our life and Bollywood is no exception. In fact, Bollywood always glorified college and high school life. From Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander to 3 Idiots to Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, we have seen the vibrant shades of college life in Bollywood. Now, Chhichhore joins this illustrious list of college stories. But the big question is if this movie really made the audience nostalgic and take them down the memory lane to the best years of their life? Not exactly.

The story begins when Anirudh (Sushant Singh Rajput) and Maya’s (Sharddha Kapoor) son attempts suicide because he failed in the engineering entrance exam. The tragedy leads the divorced couple to come together and in order to make their son happy, they invite their old-college friends for a reunion. How well do you know the Chhichhore film’s story and cast. Take the challenge on FanKick app and find out.

Director Nitish Tiwari, riding high on the success of Aamir Khan-starter Dangal, has set his eyes on another big hit and doesn’t want to take any chances. To make a hit college movie, all you need is colourful hostel life laced with ragging, stories of friendship,  rivalries, romance  and an underdog story. In Chhichhore, Tiwari has tried his best to use all these cliches but the result is a damp squib.

The intended laughs don’t make you actually laugh, the puns are not effective and the film never encourages the audience to revisit their college memories. Ironically, it only confuses the audience. Like in one scene where Anirudh is crying in front of his sick son and the very next moment he is planning pranks with his friends in college. The transition between the present and the past is not smooth, be it the background music or the artists and their appearances.

The dull performance of Sushant and Shraddha also don’t allow the audience to connect with the movie. Both have blank expression most of the time. College romances always need strong leads. In Chhichhore, the leads fall flat and it is the supporting cast who are burdened to carry the film on their shoulders. Varun Sharma steals the show with some punchlines.  Maven Polishetty and Tushar Pandey are the other two actors to look out for.

Nitish Tiwari, who glorified victory in Dangal has tried to showcase that failure is normal and it is not worth dying for. All the trophies and races in college don’t matter in life’s long journey. The soul of the film is in the right place, but it fails in the execution.

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