Rishi kapoor

2020 seems to be worst year for all of us. 2 days, 2 legends lost. Bollywood seems lackluster all of a sudden. When we are still recovering from the loss of Irrfan Khan, the morning of 30th April brought another blow – Rishi Kapoor is no more. 

Chocolate Boy of Bollywood

Rishi Kapoor has been battling from leukemia for the past two years and finally succumbed to the deadly disease. In his eventful career, Rishi Kapoor was arguably Bollywood’s most famous chocolate boy. From jazzy leather jackets to colorful knitted sweaters, Rishi Kapoor had his own charisma that very few could match.

A man of all seasons

Our generation has known Rishi Kapoor as the grandfather from Kapoor & Sons who was a sassy, blunt old man with just one desire – to get a family picture together before he died. What made Kapoor & Sons endearing was Rishi ji’s endearing act as the old patriarch who was still young. Hence proved age is just a number. 

With age Rishi Kapoor transformed himself to do various roles. From grandfather to a ruthless don. We all remember his menacing act in Agneepath as Rauf Lala who gave Kancha Cheena a run for his money.

Bobby: Rise to stardom

This was Rishi Kapoor for this generation but for our parents’ generation he was someone altogether different. Every girl back then had a huge crush on Rishi Kapoor that carried on to this day. He became a sensation right away with his debut as male lead in Bobby opposite another debutant Dimple Kapadia. The songs like ‘hum tum ek kamre main band ho’ and ‘main shayar toh nahi’ till date remains the most popular ways to express love. 

After starting off with Bobby, Rishi Kapoor kept charming the audience with his performance, but his specialty lay in standing out in multi-starrers like Amar, Akbar, Anthony. The Manmohan Desai film was everything that Bollywood is known for – action, emotion, drama, and romance. Starring alongside Amitabh Bachchan and Vinod Khanna, Rishi Kapoor held his own as the fun-loving Akbar. His chemistry with his wife Neetu Singh made the performance more endearing and classic.

Then came the most popular phase of his career with Chandni with Sridevi. The film started the trend of romantic movies in Bollywood with couples singing and dancing in the Swiss Apls. Chandni was much as Rishi Kapoor’s movie as it was Sridevi’s. They both made a place in history with that movie. 

As Rishi joined his Chandni in heaven, we cannot help but wonder what duets they must be singing under the supervision of Yash Chopra. Rest in peace legend, you will live forever in memories!


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