Rehna hai tere dil mein

ARE YOU A 90’S KID? Then, you are lucky enough as we didn’t spend our childhood scrolling down social media! Being a 98 born, I feel everything had that old school charm then! It’s been 19 years since Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein vouched its way to our hearts. Let us find out why we drool over the romantic drama movie still.

1. No matter how much this generation revolves around CCD and Starbucks, but still we all have that old school soul beneath us, whose idea of perfect date is not some fancy restaurant date with continental cuisine. The dream date would be having the street food with the person we love and when Maddy went on with that didn’t we go awwwww!

2. What’s more important point is that dreaming over those chocolate boy smile and mesmerizing eyes of R. MADHAVAN. Girls blush blush! Also, the fact that Dia Mirza looking like a pretty, pretty soul throughout the movie with her million-dollar smile is dreamy enough.

3.Zara Zara is that perfect love anthem, even now that song has that golden magic in it, and no matter how many times we have heard it, we can’t stop listening again!

4. This movie has some ‘pehla pyarr’ vibes which we always wanted. And we also desired somebody would treat us like that-look closely into every detail and make us feel special. reel > real life

5. Story line-cast–chemistry between Dia Mirza and R.Madhavan is just cherry on the top and there’s always pinch of hope that there’s going to be a RHTDM 2 someday….

6. Our poor Indian filmy soul cries for some drama, so whenever we feel the world is hard enough we will vouch to our old school favorites’ like RHTDM, MOHABATEEIN, DDLJ * started dancing already.

7. Last but not the least, the name of the movie obviously itself has become a cult and I am sure by reading this blog you want to watch this movie again. Also, who says we cannot mention R.Madhavan again. * Why sooo cute!


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