Laal Kaptaan
Laal Kaptaan Movie Review

Saif Ali Khan impresses viewers, but Laal Kaptaan is a missed opportunity.

Saif Ali Khan-starrer Laal Kaptaan narrates an intriguing revenge drama set in the backdrop of 18th century. Saif Ali Khan plays a revenge thirsty Naga sadhu named Gossain, who is all set to seek revenge on Rehmat Khan (Manav Vij), which makes the crux of this film’s plot.

But Laal Kaptaan has completely failed to make use of its superb cast and story-line. This film fails miserably on many fronts. The narrative is too lengthy with a lot of twists and the storyline lacks coherence and characters are too sketchy.

As expected, Saif Ali Khan has delivered yet another impressive performance in this drama that evokes memories of popular Westerns. He stands out as the grim and cold-blooded Gossain who follows his enemy like a bloodhound.

Laal Kaptaan will remain one of his memorable films like Omkara. But, this film will remain a missed opportunity in Saif’s eventful acting career.

The character of Sonakshi Sinha who makes a cameo in this movie has been wasted. Similarly, this film miserably failed to use the talents of a gem like Zoya Hussain too.


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