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Goals by a Goalkeeper

Goalkeepers are mostly monotonous players. They have only one job on the field – to keep the ball away from the net. It’s a big mission, but what happens when a goalkeeper gives another dimension to his game; Do you have the ability to score goals? Well guys, the answer is simple. In his 2.5-decade long career, Seni has scored 131 goals. This is 60 goals more than Jose Luis Chilavert, the second-highest goalkeeper in history. Attacker Ryan Giggs scored just 111 goals in the same period in which Seni began to dominate the field.

Highest score in a match

The match between AS Adama and SOL Emir in 2002 broke the Guinness Book of World Records for creating the highest scoreline in club football. SO l’Emyrne, frustrated by the poor refereeing in the previous match, effectively ended their hopes of becoming champions and entered the match to protest against partisan refereeing. An unusual protest. They scored 149 own goals to make it 149-0. In the aftermath of the match, the SO l’Emyrne manager was banned from the game for three years, and 4 team players until the end of the season.

Most number international goals

Ali Dai holds the record for most goals scored in an international match. In his 13-year career, Dey has scored 109 goals for Iran. He is the only player in international football to score a century for goals, and it takes a tremendous amount of effort to match or even break his record. With 102 international goals, Cristiano Ronaldo should break this record in the years to come. The Portuguese striker is one of the greatest footballers of all time, and his ridiculous goal-scoring exploits over the years make him currently the highest-scoring international player in world football.

Most goals in a single World Cup

At most World Cups, 5 or 6 goals would have been enough to secure the Golden Boot, but in the 1958 edition, it was not enough. In his first World Cup, Just Fontaine broke all sorts of goal-scoring records, scoring 13 goals on his way to third place for France. The highest number of goals scored in the World Cup is 16. He has scored 13 goals in just one edition. At present, the Frenchman is the fourth highest goal scorer in the World Cup, but the record for most goals in an edition will always be his.

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