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In an exclusive interview with Fan9, Indian cricketer Sanju Samson’s coach John Bosco details his long association with the talented Indian cricketer. Read on!

Q: How is your relationship with Sanju?

I know his father. I know his family. He is very emotionally attached with his teachers, especially sports coaches and trainers. He keeps good contact with us. He always had that respect in his mind.

Q: How was Sanju to St. Joseph’s School?

Sanju and his brother Sali are big assets to St. Joseph’s school. During his time, many passionate students got inspired and joined our school. Sanju and his brother had brought various laurels to the school.

Q: How do you look at Sanju’s new role as Rajasthan Royals skipper?

There are many advantages. When a wicketkeeper becomes team captain, it is a big move. We know that well with M.S Dhoni. Sanju may be a younger player, but he has the experience of being a captain in his school days. I know Sanju. I know his calibre. He is very focused about his game. I think, Rajasthan Royals made a good decision.

Q: There are many discussions happening online, relating Sanju with M.S Dhoni…

Sanju is a wicket keeper batsman just like M.S Dhoni. Sanju has good captaincy skills. Sanju is an aggressive batsman but Dhoni takes his time and he will be consistent in the game. Other than that, Sanju is very calm and focused on the game. We saw Sanju’s excellent fielding skills in the recent matches with Australia. He is very calm, cool, and focused throughout the game. When he comes to bat, he is aggressive. I believe, he can fill the gap left by M.S Dhoni as a wicketkeeper batsman and as captain.

Q: Which format is suitable for Sanju?

Sanju is an aggressive Batsman. So, no doubts, T20 is the right format for Sanju. His IPL career stats explain this fact. He has scored so many runs with a very good strike rate.

Q: What are your thoughts and expectations on Sanju’s future?

If he gets good opportunities, he will mark his position in the Indian team. He will become an asset to the team and the nation.

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