prateek reddy

Congratulation Prateek for your debut into Hyderabad Ranji Team! Tell us how you feel about finally making into the Team. How hard it has been for you all these years? 

Thank you so much. It’s obviously a really good feeling because you’re getting rewarded for all the hard work you put in, so definitely I am very happy about it.  

You have impressed all with some amazing batting stats of 83 & 26 against Vidarbha in Ranji. Share your strategy to our readers? How hard was Vidarbha’s bowling attack? 

My strategy was simple – just keeping batting no matter what. I had some good scores in the previous matches too, so I was confident about me doing well. Vidarbha bowling attack was a really disciplined one. They wouldn’t let you relax at any point of time. I found it very challenging, but I completely enjoyed facing them. 

When did you decide to become a cricketer? How was your school days in Hyderabad as a cricketer? 

I started playing cricket when I was 8 but I didn’t realize I wanted to be a professional cricketer until I was 14 when I first played for Hyderabad U-14 and then I started taking it seriously from then on. Playing cricket in my school days is something I really cherish. I’ve made so many memories with my friends and teammates on the field. It was a really happy and hardworking time and I used to enjoy it a lot. 

As a newcomer to Hyderabad Team what support did you receive from seniors: 

I am grateful to seniors for their advice. 

What is your best performance so far in cricket? 

My best performance in State level cricket is 181 against Andhra in Col. CK Nayudu trophy. My biggest achievements are representing Hyderabad for Ranji trophy, Syed Mushtaq Ali and Vijay Hazare trophy. 

What do you think are your strengths? What are the areas you feel you want to improve? 

One of my strengths is maintaining that composure when everything’s isn’t happening as you want it to. I like playing in pressure situations. There is a lot of things which I want to improve but mainly it would be to become mentally tough and fitter. You have got to be in the right mindset to make it big. 

What are your future plans? 

I don’t like to think too far ahead so I want to take it one step at a time. So just want to play cricket for as long as I can. My ultimate dream is to play cricket for my country and do well. That’s what I’ve always wanted in life also and I will do the best I can to make it happen. 

Who is your favorite cricketer? 

My favorite cricketer is Yuvraj Singh 

Who has influenced you most on & off field, who was your mentor in cricket? 

My dad is the one who influenced me most on and off the field. He has guided me in the right direction and has always supported me throughout. He was my mentor and I’m extremely grateful to him. 

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