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Indians are crazy about cricket, and our 1.3 billion people are always looking for statistics and facts that make them a big fan of the game. And the Indian Premier League is no different. The fans love to know about the magic and fun facts that are happening in an amazing tournament like the IPL. And we will help it. So, without further ado, let us start with a list that contains some of the most unknown facts in the IPL. While the 15th season of IPL is about to start, the league has been a fan-favorite since its beginning.

1. IPL could have been an ODI Tournament

Lalit Modi, the mastermind behind the IPL had submitted the 50-over format tournament to the BCCI in 1995 but it was rejected. It was only when the CCL was launched in 2007 that the BCCI decided to start its own Twenty 20 league. Isn’t this an interesting IPL fact?

2. Only Team to never have played IPL Finale

They have played in the IPL final 12 times and there is a team that has never played in the final of the Indian Premier League. Delhi Daredevils (Delhi Capitals today). If you guessed, it then you are absolutely right. This is one of the most unknown facts in the IPL.

3. Team with most IPL Final losses

This fact is nonsense considering the previous facts on the list, but for someone who does not know about it, it will be an interesting fact in the IPL, because the team that loses the most in the IPL final is the same team. That is Chennai Super Kings.

4. Price of 1 ball For IPL 2018 broadcasters

In 2018, Star Sports won the broadcasting rights of the IPL for 5 years for an eye-watering sum. Rs 16,347.5 crore. That is. Rs. 3269.5 crore per annum. This means that each delivery in the IPL will cost the network more than Rs 1,000. 24 lakhs per season, 56 matches are played and each team plays each match according to their 20 overs.

5. First delivery of IPL

Praveen Kumar was the first bowler to bowl the first delivery in the IPL. The batsman who faced the ball was Sourav Ganguly. Praveen Kumar also gave up his first run in the IPL, but it was not Sourav Ganguly who scored it.

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